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engine Full Services
A full service is designed to provide you with a machine that is a close to new as possible. No matter if you are a professional or domestic user of machinery.

Petrol (engine Driven)
with Over 50 separate checks of your machine will ensure your safety and the best performance.
• Covers are removed
• The engine is cleaned and Inspected
• Spark Plugs are inspected
• Oil and Fuel are changed
• Fuel lines, Filters, Taps and Tanks are checked
• Air Filters and Pre Filters are checked and cleaned
• Flywheels are checked
• Ignitions or/and Pull start assemblies are checked
• Points and wiring are checked
• Exhausts are checked and in some cases de-coked
• Bearings Are check and lubricated
• Breathers are checked
• The Crankshaft is checked
• Con-rods and inspected
• Piston, piston rings and Bore are checked

All aspects of the Carburetor are checked
• Carburetor Mounting
• Float Bowl
• Gaskets
• Primer
• Float
• Float Needle
• Jets
• Governor Springs
• Choke Operation
• Vacuum tubes

If any part needs to be replaced while performing these checks the parts will be ordered and installed. Carburetors can become clogged by small particles we have the ability to sonically clean the Carburetor.

The rest of the machine whether it is a Blower. stone cutter, chainsaw, trimmer, hedge cutter or anything else will undergo specific checks designed to keep the machine working correctly as long as possible.

Electrical Equipment also undergoes specific testing so as to extend its useful life.

We have access to over 100 million parts and if we don't stock the part required it can easily be ordered over the telephone or in store. In order for our staff to be more helpful please collect as much data about the machine as possible (The make and model, Serial number and if possible part number) contact 0161 763 9714 to order your parts.

At TSH we have a combined 50 years of experience with garden machinery and we are happy to offer impartial advice on anything. We are very open about our business dealings and relationships and will offer help in any way we can.

New Products - You wont find any dangerous products in a box all our items have to pass a PDI (Pre-delivery Inspection) all petrol products are oiled Fuelled and ready to go. All our electrical products are assembled and checked. This ensures your safety and the reliability of each product.

Used Products - Our used products are given a full service and inspected thoroughly before leaving us. Replacement or used parts are also inspected.

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